Abandoned cars in Kyoto no nishi

Surely it was not the first time walking around the city of Kyoto that I found places like this. To be honest on the outskirts of the ancient Japanese capital we can find some strange places.

IMG_2229 copia

But I say strange places ,because looking at the pictures you will realize that it is the typical japanese housing, the kind that has apartments of about 25 square meters and have a parking space for a neighbor.

So for all you to understand properly, these apartments are usually filled by single or unmarried people, working people, sometimes with a family behind, students who pay the rent with the arubaito (ア ル バ イ ト) (part-time job) and sometimes foreigners. This last option is usually not very common, since many property developers are not willing to rent their reduced apartaments if you have no one to back you up in case you can pay the rent.

When I was in the car park entrance I noticed the Porsche 911 which was near the end. The floor bumper was lying in the ground, windows were down, but the most impressive thing was that the Porsche was rocking RUF alloy wheels… AI took a few pictures of the car quickly, since in many cases the neighbors don’t like too much people walking around their belongings. Is even worst when the typical elder man came to you yelling what are you doing here.

IMG_2230 copia

Often people talked about how nice japanese people is, the truth is that there are places where people are not used to seeing foreign people and see them prowling around them is very alarming situation.

Most of the time when you say something, and answering in Japanese, they usually calm down enough and if you are able to explain what are you doing in japanese then suddenly their mood change suddenly and become very friendly.

IMG_2226 copia

IMG_2227 copia

Just in front of the 911, was this S500 Mercedes also abandoned in the parking, telling the truth I didn’t pay much attention to it, I do remember now that I didn’t spend more than 2 minutes in that parking lot.

IMG_2228 copia

Opposite to the S500 was this Honda Odyssey customized and lowered. No one of this cars were in use, as they had no plates on, I really wonder why the owner keep all these cars parked insted than sell them.

IMG_2231 copiaWell is time to say goodbye, I wish you enjoyed the post. I will keep your curiosity for Japan in the next posts so please keep in touch with r32taka for more Japanese content, wheather is weird or not.

El paseo de una rana verde

IMG_8912 copia

Welcome to 2001. This was the first thing I thought when I spotted this Integra the past week and not only I was very surprised for some sticker you will see down this post. But I do not blame this car, in fact is being published here because there is no racism here because the stylish of your car if you feel happy with it.

You may like it more or less but for me is just about to show how are the streets of Japan today. Here is just another example of how the car culture is still in Japan, very colorful and still plenty of modified cars parked everywhere.

IMG_8914 copia

IMG_8915 copia

So here we are. Some of you may know that I am an spaniard guy who really loves JDM cars and Japan, and to found this car and its stickers really surprise me a lot.

IMG_8918 copia

“The walk of a green frog”. To be honest I have get the feeling that japanese people is very interested in Spain and its language, this is just another proof of what I am saying.

IMG_8917 copia

I guess the sticker in the rear windscreen is a reference of that car sound. ¿Es la voz cantando el ángel? ¿O es el rugido del diablo? Translated to english readers, Is the angel singing? Or Is the demon roar?

IMG_8919 copia

IMG_8921 copia

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Please if you know the owner of these car, or is some of your many Facebook friends share with him this post and try to help him to get in touch with me please, I was so happy for this spot. And meeting him will be so pleasant.