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No, I had never seen an HR31 before. This was my first time. And as stock car, this GTS was really nothing special, but I have waiting long time to see one and I decided to post some photos about it.

No much care on this car, tires looked very old so I don’t think this car has an active life these days, but is also nice to still spot old Skylines in the streets.

This is GTS version RB20DET powered pushing 200ps if I remember well. Only some Rays on it.

IMG_8886 copia

IMG_8887 copia

IMG_8889 copia

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Spotted >> BCNR33


As we all already know, the GTR33 is not the most popular of the GTR’s. Although I have to say this is really unfair. It is a very effective car, wide, well looking and powerful, just like another Godzilla.

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Kenmeri Meeting 10th Jun 2012

The previous days of rain makes someone’s think that some people will not attend the meeting. But there was a good amount of cars parked in the Kenmeri Festival in Fujikahama. One funny thing is that I found the event announcement.

Many people looking at cars. Some aren’t Kenmeri’s but they were welcome.

My choice without dubts.

Source: C110 Skyline

HR31 Free gift

Sometimes as a blogger a find myself surfing the net in a quite rare websites. Other you find some good content or some talent. Here is an example of talent and why not say it, nostalgy. Click on Kaito’s name to explore his website.

Draw by: Kaito