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Those cars

No, I had never seen an HR31 before. This was my first time. And as stock car, this GTS was really nothing special, but I have waiting long time to see one and I decided to post some photos about it.

No much care on this car, tires looked very old so I don’t think this car has an active life these days, but is also nice to still spot old Skylines in the streets.

This is GTS version RB20DET powered pushing 200ps if I remember well. Only some Rays on it.

IMG_8886 copia

IMG_8887 copia

IMG_8889 copia

IMG_8890 copia

IMG_8891 copia

IMG_8895 copia

IMG_8898 copia

IMG_8899 copia

IMG_8900 copia

Spotted >> BCNR33


As we all already know, the GTR33 is not the most popular of the GTR’s. Although I have to say this is really unfair. It is a very effective car, wide, well looking and powerful, just like another Godzilla.

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The feeling when you spot this

IMG_6175 copia

If when you were a child you were influenced by manga cartoons in TV, Nintendo or a 1990 Japanese sedan because of your parents, then you realize you’re just stuck in a world that you can not leave. Your are officially addicted to Japan. Continue reading The feeling when you spot this

Old School Skylines Part I

Hey mates!

Me and my partner Jose were thinking into a retro post to get you nostalgic. After surfing the internet for a couple of weeks looking for cool stuff to bring you, we found a series of old Skyline pictures that are very special for us. Mainly we tried to select photos taken during 1990 and ahead but maybe some were took a little after.


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Kenmeri Meeting 10th Jun 2012

The previous days of rain makes someone’s think that some people will not attend the meeting. But there was a good amount of cars parked in the Kenmeri Festival in Fujikahama. One funny thing is that I found the event announcement.

Many people looking at cars. Some aren’t Kenmeri’s but they were welcome.

My choice without dubts.

Source: C110 Skyline