M5 E28 CSL

Lo he encontrado en el foro gentebmw y fue posteado por josecoy el pasado 05 de Febrero. Os dejo con las fotos…

Si, el motor proviene de un M5 E34…

S30Z very Z

This days i’m posting many Skyline’s I gonna stop, i’m getting addict to them…Why? It’s obvious since the first day I drove my 32 i’m even dreaming with it…belive me.

Let’s show you this zetto.

Random Pic -DR30-

Silver DR30

I have some love for DR30 and R31 Skyline’s. I’m in my way to find which should I buy. S30Z are so expensive here in UK, actually all over the world. And one day i have to come back home travelling 2000km with it. I haven’t found any 510, and AE86’s are not the main problem, there are many. Silvia’s S12 is another target. We will see…Is still have time to think about it. In the meantime I just gonna solve my doubts