Tell whatever you want to tell about the blog. Tell me if there is anything to upgrade or just tell me what you like or what you like to find in rthirtytwotaka.

You also can contact us via email at:

or just leave a message here and we will reply you as soon as possible.

16 thoughts on “Feedback/contact”

  1. hey dude, love this little blog havent been following for long and still need to read through alot of old posts but i love what its about. Im into my old Volkswagens but currently selling up my mk2 golf to replace it with my pops r32 gts4 skyline 🙂 … keep up the good work mate

    1. Te postié las imagenes en un link.. en tu facebook.. las pudiste ver?
      pd: Posteate algun 306 GTI-6 jajaja!


  2. Just voted!
    You have a great blog and I love the Old school JDM posts and of course the random Rocky Auto old car modern RB swaps on them!!
    I added you to my blogroll because you have a great blog !!
    Keep up the work..


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