Nostalgia: Low-cost R32

Hey guys, its been a while since last time a posted!

Well, since last july to be more exactly. The summer has been very intense, and I had to study for the exams I did yesterday. I wanted to come back with something nice to bring you, so I decided to make something original instead of making a post of a round or a tuned car.

Okay, lets talk about the meaning of the blog or at least the main reason of this blog, the Nissan Skyline. The car you see below, its not the Skyline you are accostumed to see, I went through the Internet and when I saw it, for some reason it attracted me too much..

I am sure, you see this when I say ”HCR32”





Yes, you may recognize A bo Moon’s and Kure Arara’s Skyline. What I’m trying to say is that when I say HCR you think in a low Skyline, or something for Matsuri, or just a lowered and kitted sedan, but not, im not going to show you another tuned HCR or more exactly HR32.



Wow, you dont expected that right?

What an amazing unit, this is a stock and mint condition Nissan Skyline 4-Door, know as HR-32. More specific GXi Type-X.


The body been treated with love, you just need to see how it looks, im sure the owner dont used photoshop.



Seeing the rims, I would say this is the very basic version, the GXi Type-X  fitted with factory stock CA18i pushing around 90 hp.


Not only the exterior looks amazing, the interior does too, just look the handbrake leather, still as the first day!


As you can see, this unit is equipped with automatic gearbox, also the owner upgraded and added a screen, but look at the seats and the dashboard, clock shows just 35387km, yes, less than 40.000 kms for an almost 25 years old car.

TI hope you like this as I enjoyed writing it.