Locked down: “Virtual visit Honda Collection Hall”

Welcome to the 360° virtual recreation of the Honda museum gallery, dreamed up to showcase meticulously restored motorcycles, automobiles, power products and racing machines from throughout our innovative history. It has been greater time to discover the world of museums virtually.


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Route 66 Custom Cars

Are you a fan of America and its Muscle Cars?

Well, if the answer is yes, I’m sure you will like Route 66 Custom Cars.

But, what is Route 66?

Route 66 Custom Cars is a dealer and workshop related with Muscle Cars and american cars in general.

It is situated in Pedreguer, at 15 minutes from where I live. It is visible from the highway and always have good cars parked out, so you can enjoy some sweet muscle cars.

Every word I’m saying right now is useless without pictures, so here you have them.

This is Route 66, with some babies defending it.


And yeah, here are some pics of the cars they have or they have had


An awesome and powerful Camaro…


Oh… What a good pair, huh?


This is one of my favourites… A Ford Crown Vic from NY Police Department.



¿Clio V6? Yes, they also touch euro cars here.


An old 911, and Escalade and this Boxter, painted in Red Candy282884_373531886039967_1415876737_n


Another euro, an awesome 190SL in a very good condition


And this, I dedicate it for the fans of hot rod cars.

But, what does Route66?

Well, apart of selling and repairing cars, they also restore, or turn your car into a lowrider, they can install you an hydraulic system, or make a detailed interior as well as import cars from USA.

So remember, if you are near to Pedreguer, don’t forget to visit Route 66, I guarantee you will not regret.

More info? For sure -> http://route66-cars.com/lang1/

Source: Facebook

Japanese heroes

When we talk about motorsport refering to Japan, we only think in JDM styled cars and drifting cars, but there are more things involved.

Japan have an extensive catalog of exclusive american/european and obviously japanese cars. An example, a MB E60 (W124), they are so unique, and the only ones i’ve seen are in Japan, surely there are some units around the world, but why so many in one place?

In the world of the drifting, the japanese cars we know the most are the Nissan Skyline (rwd version, GTS) Silvias, Fairladys… Toyota Supra, Chaser and its sedans… Mazda RX7 and Miatas and some more… Hondas… Well, they arent for drift because they are mostly FWD, but yeah, we also can see an S2000 or an NSX rolling on the track.

But, had these cars any function in the motorsport before the drifting was unveiled by Keichii Tsuchiya?

Yes, the answer is yes. These cars ran in official championships, like the Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC), Lemans, etc, also rallyes! Of course they joined trackdays and other motorsport events.
Im sure some of you remember these cars by playing Gran Turismo, but I preferred to make a compilation so we can revive the old era, the golden age of cars, and have a bit of japanese motorsport culture and its cars (a bit more heheh)

Okay, less words, more pictures.


1yvj3s 2PLjs 17Skyline_WSIR 160J_RT0879 240RS 31444d1220049446-auto-skyline-unisia-jecs-tamiya-unisia 527000_188683087932434_515638332_n 531455_10151098468480804_1808022328_n 19920003 20120522_1027615 3255120269_821f3a6ff0 3255120417_eab0eb4a55 8411548967_a70b7d43f7_z BrockMonise5 CALSONIC-SKYLINE-01-trim1 daishin Dewji07EASR179 dgfdsfgdfkz2 gt500_unisiajecsskyline_97 images LeMans_1975_Nr_87_Start nismo_festival_super_gt-1 pr31 R31TOMICA1 racer28 tomica-r31-skyline-20120625 tomica-r31-skyline-20130116 tomica-skyline-dr30-super-silhouette-4 tumblr_m3fapvFrKE1rpqn0wo2_500 tumblr_m3fruvmKEp1rvoixgo1_500 tumblr_m087fjLKCQ1r5q6mjo1_1280 tumblr_macxkuFlsz1r20mtvo1_1280 tumblr_mf8x90F9191rpqn0wo1_500 tumblr_mhgqbn1tg41rdgwvro1_500 tumblr_miblmou4Su1qbiffho1_500 url urlfffff


0-0-36a 95_01_15bD_0 300px-K700i-acat(111) 451b2fe2c798ff6bb8920c28d92ded9ao 1997toyota 1998chaser01 1998chaser03 1998exiv_01 1998exiv_02 1998exiv_chaser 24076m 5351714553_78fb375948_z 5351725689_508eb7c6be_z 31018286979 AE86_2290042b autowp.ru_toyota_supra_gt500_super_gt_3 fujitsu01 fujitsu02 fujitsu04 imsa-gtu-celica-and-nascar-goodys-dash-celica JTCC-iii n2ae86 r4O0S Tom89A-L Tom90A-L ToyotaChaserDensoJTCC ToyotaChaserJTCC Toyota-Tom-s-Supra-GT500_2 tumblr_m1yyh9ms2J1rsmp6do1_1280 tumblr_m2fvnwqWUB1qhluvzo1_1280 tumblr_mb4dnlYbeG1rpqn0wo2_1280 tumblr_mgigz0DR7x1rsmp6do1_1280 url

Words from Soichiro Honda

“I work in R&D. What’s the subject of my research? It’s not technology. Rather, I research what pleases people.” These are the words of Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda.


What pleases people? Soichiro aimed to make things that made people feel good, things that earned people’s affections. Utility and convenience are also an important aspect, but Soichiro’s primary concern was, “What makes people fall in love with a product?”

It’s with this question that all creative activity starts at Honda. Design, of course, is no different. Honda Design is about understanding what it takes to be loved.

’12 EBWorks & StanceNation Subaru BRZ

Hello guys!!

This time I come to show you my latest work. As I said in my presentation, I am currently doing vector cars or cars toon, however you call it.

I started working on it since summer, as a request by my friend Esteban of EBWorks. So why to deny? The months have passed, like the process of the car, but due to family reasons, exams and other things I couldn’t finish it earlier, so here it is.


And here is another version.


And here is a Making Off, exclusive for rthirtytwotaka


making1 making2 making3 making4 making5 making6

Next project: SexyStyle’s Nissan S15

You can find more works here:


Take care!