Low Weight Speedstar ~

Hi readers, how is going?

A couple of weekends ago we went to Valencia to cover two events, one was the Massanassa Tuning Expo and the other one, way more important, was the Nissan GT-R/Fairlady Z National Meeting, organised by NissanRC.


We had lots of fun, and very very cool cars, I had the opportunity to ”test” an Skyline and a Supra, both were amazing, simply amazing.

This post is about that Skyline, owned by Emilio, a guy from Canary Islands and currently living in Sevilla. Coming to Valencia is such an adventure with that car.


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Basics of tuning, style and drifting

Hi readers.

Yesterday while talking to my mate about drifting and the style of some of the cars I though it would be a nice idea to write a post about it, so I am doing it.

I am gonna focus on the !street style! or the low-budget drifting, in Spain people tend to use BMW for drifting ”because japanese cars are quite expensive” In fact they are due to the drifting trend, but obviously it is not the same drifting in a BMW than a Skyline 32, or Silvia’s.

The Street Style is quite different to the cars you can see in D1 Grand Prix or the Formula D, drivers focus more in the mechanics but some of them give a nice touch to the exterior of the cars. If you are a big fan of Drift Tengoku you will see lots of these cars.


                                                         (In picture: Nissan 200SX by Kids Heart)

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TM-Racing ~ Spanish Honda Specialist

Yo readers! I hope you are doing it well!

First of all, I would like to say that what you will see cannot be compared to what you use to see in this page or the others. The level of tuning in Spain when talking about good tuning its not the same as in Europe, USA or Japan. But some dudes are pushing hard and we want to help as much as possible.

Last March we went to TMRacing. But what is TMRacing? TMRacing is a Workshop/Garage, specialized in Honda Civic and owned by a group of friends and enthusiasts for the Civic. This remind me a lot of CarCraftBoon in the spanish way.


The outside of the garage looked fine as you see in the picture. We were so impatient and we went in, also because it was cold and rained during the whole day.



TMRacing also does some welding works and they are preparing an EF Turbo, it looked pretty good.


The EF mounts a D16A9 with 240bhp. This is a good number of great horsepower and if you mix it with a good suspension setup you can go very very fast at any track.



I hope we will see it soon at any track racing as hard as possible!

Nothing much more to say.. I think that is all, in the Facebook page you will find the rest of the pictures.

Thank you for reading!


Select ‘N Low Meeting ~ 23 March

Hey guys

My friend Hector and I went to the Bonaire Mall in Aldaia, to assist the SelectN Low meeting.

It was Sunday and the day was very good, sunny and good weather, so after washing the little Honda, we went to the meeting.


When we arrived there was a lot of people already and the cars meant the day was promising, so I took the camera and started taking pictures of the cars we had.





We didnt had much cars, but they were variated, we had from an Honda Jazz to an EM1 Turbo… And some slammed cars, like this Golf 3 or an E30.



Obviously we didnt miss the oldies but goldies, here you can see this awesomely fat Clio and one of my favourites of the day, an Honda Jazz, or City in Japan. I felt in love with this little boy.






This one came with an unexpected passenger!


Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading!

The rest of the pictures can be found at the Facebook page!

Special thanks to Hector Aleman ~

2014 OSD: Things become serious

Hello guys, how is going?

2014 started a couple of months ago, more or less, and everybody is getting ready for the new season of every sport. Obviously I am not going to talk about the 2014 football season. We are going to talk about the drift season, the spanish drift season.


After DriftSpain’s and CED’s cessation last year, there was only one championship in Spain, Open Slalom Drift, promoted by Grupspeed. This year we will have OSD again and then a new one, Drifkhana.


Sounds interesting, but lets focus on the OSD one. Why? Well, its the one with more level in the whole country, we will have known faces and others that aren’t that well known. Some of the drivers are changing their weapons, or just upgrading them to the next level.

To be honest, things changed a lot, Gallo changed some bits of his E36, Ninocrack won’t be racing with the S14a, Jesus will be in the game with his Chaser.. Lets show them!

Gallo changed the bumper for the E36 one, imo looks better. As for Fran Bolaños, he removed all the sponsor stickers and now the car is all blue with an Aerokit D1 Spec. bodykit.



One of the most expected cars from the year is Ninocrack’s new Nissan. He won’t be racing in the S14a but he doesn’t left Nissan. This time it will be racing with an S15, which hides an 2JZ under the hood. At the moment I am designing the livery for this one, so I think you can expect something good when the car is 100% done.


Jesus Muñoz will be on the game too, with his red Toyota Chaser. This car is famous because it raced the King Of Europe several times. Its an easy car to recognise.


As for the other drivers… Well, Lluis Lopez and Fran Dengra are coming back to the green color, a color they used to had years ago. Cristian Martinez had it too! Also I have to say that Fran Dengra will be running on a V8 instead of a rotary engine. Fortunately my homie Fran Lluch will be racing with his Nissan S13, designed by Vicent M. Autoworks too!


This years pretends to be a nice one, we will start in the Circuit of Ricardo Tormo with the Nascar Fest, so I expect a very good weekend.


I am sure there are other secrets to tell, but I don’t know them because nobody told much about their machines!

Photo Source: Hector Aleman Photo, Cecilia Junquero for CED, Gallo Sport, Breaking, Raul Alonso, Ninocrack and some others ~

My vision of 2013

It’s been a while, and I’m sorry because I am not that active as I was months ago, Jose don’t mind, but I do.

2013 been a nice year in some things, others not… I’d like to mark 5 moments of the year that cannot be forgotten.

1. Drift Spain Rd. 1 in Paterna

untitled_by_vicentmautoworks-d6l0fmaThis one entered me in this world, started in the website in February and this event happened in April, I met Jose, Pablo, Victor and Arthur. Also met one of the most famous drivers of Spain, which is a very good friend of mine, Ninocrack.

2. The day I met her again.


Last July, went to Takahashi’s home and visiting her was a MUST. She is so pretty, I have a kind of love story with her, since the first day I met her in 2011 during the Drifting Series round in Albaida.

3. A weekend in Takahashi’s house.


One of the most exciting and exhausting weekends of my life and one of the bests weekends of the year. Been a whole weekend with Jose, his girlfriend, Alex from ATJ, such an awesome guy and some other friends. We visited Taka’s ex HCR32 and went to the OSD Round in Castelloli.

4. Trackday in Calafat


This was very very good too. Spent the weekend with my brother Hector and the lovely Civic, we met Fran and Jenni, went to the rallye of Gandia, then Calafat. Was a very hot day, very good cars and obviously, some of them had problems. Unfortunately, the Civic broke the engine, but now Alex is fixing it.

5. Knowing in first person what is a GT-R and how it behaves.


During the DriftShow in Carlet, just arrived and when I started taking pics, Fran told me to go with him. Your dream car, drifting, fun, nothing much to say, I enjoyed like a 5 year old kid with new shoes.

What? I should take, from the year, only 1 picture? No problem.


Enough for today..

Just want to say thanks, thanks to everyone who formed part of this incredible year, you just make me happy.