Stand up and recording

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder why we do to take so many photographs of our life and yet we don’t always record the moments of our lives on video. As an example, those domestic videos that you pay no interest when you were a teenager, begin to take courage when growing and watching them at some point in our lives causes us a mixture of nostalgia, joy and sadness that is quite difficult to explain.

B&W 伏見区

I think it happens to me constantly. I always regret not having recorded more situations in my life. Maybe thinking in the future, mine, or for people who perhaps I still do not even know today. Could they know more about me if I recorded more about me or about the passed time?

B&W 伏見区//

Many of the events, meetings with friends, walks or any other situations that we live, seem to us unimportant during that frame of time, and only time passes through the years, those moments begin to be relevant, and then we notice we have the not enough memories or took the wrong ones. Perhaps not being fully present in the moment we live, makes those moments become nostalgia and not memories over time.

When we look back, we often see everything with the filter of nostalgia, experience and the feeling that any past time was better. But I am yet not sure about this sentence. I suppose that by the time I have the right answer, it will be too late to take action.

Here is simply a video of the traffic filmed in the city of Kyoto, especially in the Fushimi district. It just a very peaceful area, well known for the most famous Fushimi Inari Shrine. It is nothing special on it, just the daily activity, nothing relevant, the daily noises and the monotony of humanity.


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