RetroBlog: “3 Rotor 3 Turbos” FD3S


It is not uncommon to swap an FD3S with a 20B-REW nor even in early 2000’s. However, it is a different story when it comes to triple turbo specifications and Grand Slam PRO Machida was the creator of this amazing tune. All turbines are HKS GT2835R (I ran one of these in my old R32 RB20DET and it was an amazing turbo delivering power at a high range of rpms).

Due to the exhaust layout, the three turbines are arranged vertically through the original exhaust manifold. The engine body has been ported with an emphasis on intermediate torque, and of course talking about RX7’s apex seals were replaced.


The brake master was an obstacle, and it has been removed, and also the steering rack. The fuel system incorporates 1000cc for both the primary and secondary injectors. HKS’s F-CON V Pro is responsible for such a high important engine management.

The interior has complete racing specifications. The main meter uses a stack stack stack that can display various data. The seat position is offset quite backwards and the driver is set up to sit at 50:50. The pedals have been changed, which has a master cylinder in each.


The exterior is stylishly produced by combining the one-off overfender with the Grand Slam PRO Machida original front bumper. The tires are 225 / 40R17 on the front and 275 / 40R17 on the rear.

NOB Taniguchi, who was in charge of the test drive, said, “This is scary. The feeling of torque when I step on the accelerator is amazing. Even though the boost has not been applied too much, there is a terrible torque. I couldn’t even handle it! I kept spinning the wheels, but it had a high response and good traction. I will like to drive it in dry conditions.”


But what Nob didn’t knew was that at the time of the test, the boost pressure was set to 0.8 bar because it was in the middle of tuning setting. The final goal was to boost up to 1.6 bar and aim for 850 ps or over. This car was created by Grand Slam PRO Machida


This FD3S was created in a certain type of experiment, “13B has 2 rotors and is a twin turbo engine, this is a 3 rotor 20B with a triple turbo” Nobuaki Taniguchi driving impressions of this monster can be found at the September issue of 2000 the OPTION Magazine.



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