New Nissan 400Z (Z35) Twin Turbo V6 400ps

Coming in 2021

The long-awaited successor model of the Nissan 370Z (As you well know Fairlady Z in the Japanese market) is finally here or plans to be. After some rumours Nissan announced a brand new sports car to be unveiled within the next 12 months.


Called the 400Z, this model is expected to feature a V6 with twin turbochargers, which will offers higher performance than the current model.

Nissan has recently filed a trademark in Canada for the newly designed Z badge, which uses a retro font reminiscent of the original Z model Datsun 240Z and later 260Z and 280Z, but the 400Z retro design isn’t just about badges.

Expected to use the same materials as the latest models for the American market, the aging touch screen will be replaced by the latest infotainment system featuring connectivity services. While advanced driver assistance technologies are being introduced, digital instrument displays may also be adopted.

Platform details

The details of the 400Z platform have not yet been revealed, but given the relatively low sales volume and margin of this sports car, it is unlikely to become a new platform.

As the name suggests, the 400Z is likely to be equipped with the flagship Q60 V-6 3.0L twin turbo that outputs 405ps. The Q60 archives 0-97km/h in just 5.0 seconds, so expect a better performance in the new 400Z given its significantly lighter weight than the 1825kg Infiniti Q60.

Offered automatically and manually

Nissan has already experimented with this engine on the 370Z, mounting it on a manual gearbox and exhibiting it at the 2018 SEMA Aftermarket Trade Show and also the latest prototype testing porpoises used a modified 370Z bodywork.

Although rivals such as the Toyota GR Supra and Alpine A110 (notice that Japan is the biggest market for the small sport car produced by Renault under Alpine) do not offer a manual model, the 400Z will offer an automatic and a manual gearbox in order to gain the support of old-fashioned sports car enthusiasts.

There is a high possibility that Nismo will realize a variation faster than 400Z in the future with more hardcore suspension tuning and racing styling.
Announcement schedule

The 400Z announcement date has not yet been revealed.

Initially, it was expected to make its debut within the year, but due to the effect of the pandemic, it is likely that the announcement will be delayed until next year.


It is not yet clear whether Nissan will bring this model to the European market or offer a right-hand drive. Sales in Europe, which has a stricter CO2 target than the US, will have a negative impact on the company’s CO2 emissions.


2 thoughts on “New Nissan 400Z (Z35) Twin Turbo V6 400ps

  1. Esperemos que llegue a Europa igualmente! Seguramente, como el CO2 es la media de los vehículos en venta… si tienen algún híbrido más, les de la media.


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