The kei to truck

Ahh … Japan, where everything can be modified or customized. From compact cars, mini cars, sedans to sports cars, and of course the mini trucks. Known as kei trucks in Japan, this is a kind of parallel tuning Japanese industry.

These mini trucks meet the same standards than a conventional Kei Car. A maximum of 660cc engine, 63 HP and a maximum of 3.400mm in length.

_MG_2048 copia

Most of these Kei Truck owners are usually workshops owners, since they serve to transport car parts and simultaneously for calling attention to denote his passion for cars regardless of the model.

As we saw in a previous post –here– even used for circuit in a championship that Japanese call themselves World Championship of Kei Trucks.

_MG_2049 copia

Here it is a Suzuki Carry. The ninth generation from 1993 to 1999 to be more specific. In its day  was one of the most popular models inside the Kei Truck category. Lowered suspension, modified wheels, front added lip, modified mirrors, and roof and hood painted in black color.

_MG_2047 copia

I hope you feel encouraged and your next car project will become a modified Kei Truck to call everybody attention at your next car event.



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