Little visit to Gundam Front Tokyo.

IMG_2615 copia

As we have already seen in the previous post, the Odaiba area is very modernist, made for people and created thinking about the entertainment of all citizens and also for tourists who are thousands a year who visit this particular area every year.

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Just in front of Diver City Tokyo building, RX-78-2 with its 20 meters high welcome us. This robot is fully functional, because arms and legs joints are mobile like a 1/144 Gunpla is.

Its location has changed for several times since initially was located in Shizuoka at the headquarters of the company Bandai that owns the franchise of the best-known Japanese anime robots.

IMG_2638 copia

Inside the Diver City shopping center, you will find as most other malls in the world, restaurants, clothing shops, complements stores… like many others. So here it is true that not because Japan is special …

Just kidding, of course it is special. Inside the Diver City apart of the Gundam Museum there is a spectacular and curious amusement park. Now I have surprised huh?

IMG_2625 copia

IMG_2626 copia

Inside the museum around 1000 figures, from different periods, versions, and at different stages of manufacturing houses to understand the evolution of Gunpla in the last 36 years are displayed. All them dust proof, controlled humidity and controlled lighting.

IMG_2627 copia

IMG_2628 copia

IMG_2629 copia

These  Gunpla models can be purchased at a great quite surprising variety of scales, and are available in plastic-resin and metal, at 1:35, 1:48, 1:60, 1: 100, 1: 144. Come for all tastes, ages and possibilities to place in your home.

IMG_2630 copia

IMG_2631 copia

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IMG_2637 copia

Well here ends this curious post. Far away of carlife, but no less curious for you who like the amazing things about this country. Gundam is certainly a very important part of Japan, for cars, trains or airplanes army named. Pay a visit is a must.

See you next post.



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