A monorail trip to Odaiba. Taking the Yurikamome.

As a lover of car culture, there is a place well known in Tokyo that should always pay a visit. The Toyota Mega Web.

Basically the Toyota Mega Web is a kind of super Toyota dealership open to the public to check and test yourself new models, but also future, classic cars and competition models of the Japanese brand are displayed.

But today this post will certainly not on the Toyota Mega Web, (it will be in the next weeks by the way).

Today we’ll talk about how you get there because is a very particular way to get into Odaiba. It is not but spectacular , a ride in a driverless monorail where the driver’s view allows everyone to discover a new Tokyo Skyline.

This a spectacularly modernist landscape surrounded by skyscrapers, and even more spectacular when you approach the artificial island of Odaiba.

The Yurikamome


By Lover of Romance - Lover of Romance撮影。, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The journey begins at Shimbashi Station (U01 新橋) from where we head towards Aomi Station (U10 青海). So its easy from Station 1 to Station 10. Aomi will be our destiny to achieve the extraordinary complex of Toyota City Show.

The cost is relatively inexpensive because for only 380 YEN we can jump the Yurikamome. If you’re going to move around the island during the day it is very interesting to take the One-Day Pass for about 820 YEN so you can travel as much as you like throughout the day.

IMG_2434 copia

The route

This monorail takes a spectacular route, with incomparable views and a futuristic environment difficult to find elsewhere. Here is there is no temples or shrines. No forest, and why not, also say no typical JR trains.

IMG_2436 copia

Travel between islands is less than 2 km but is really amazing trip, especially if you are lucky enough to ride the monorail uncrowded, bothered for no one. The best way to stand in the front row just you and the window.

IMG_2437 copia

IMG_2438 copia

IMG_2439 copia

In the photo below, the large parking of Odaiba. For many of you will obviously seem a simple parking lot but for other this will be a familiar parking lot, here the Odaiba Drifting GP has place. Even you can still see the tire marks on the floor.

IMG_2440 copia

IMG_2441 copia

IMG_2442 copia

We are almost reaching the destination. From this point here the modernity of the buildings is magnificent and beautiful at the same time. Here all kinds of shopping centers, the espectacular building of Fuji TV, which has a spectacular observatory, the great Gundam museum, arcade machines and a long meet etc. are all together.

IMG_2444 copia

IMG_2445 copia

IMG_2446 copia

Now, we are just a few meters ahead of our desired station of Aomi, an interior sign (Mega WEB) announces we’re almost at our destination.

IMG_2447 copia

IMG_2448 copia

Achieved, my friend Charlie on the left of the picture, and right to him the author of this blog. See you in the next post. Hoping to be inside this incredible building.



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