Inside UP Garage

In the last post in we learned how to arrive one of the many UP Garage shops situated throughout the country. In this case we were talking about Yawata shop located in the south-east of Kyoto. -Here-

Within UP Garage stores you can find all the car parts you ever wonder for a great variety of cars.

DSCF9774 copia

Aerodynamic used parts, bomper lips, or whole body kits. These are located at the entrance just down the hall where the car seat are.

DSCF9772 copia

There is a very cheap spot for yunk parts. There are car parts that may not work well but are still on sale as could be repaired. These parts are usually truly affordable  even below half the selling price of normal used car parts.

DSCF9775 copia

DSCF9778 copia

DSCF9777 copia

DSCF9776 copia

Here basically the hallways divide sections like a traditional supermarket does. So you can easy look for the part you want in just one section. Strut bars are together, coilover section, springs, exhaust and of course the big dedicated used wheel section.

DSCF9779 copia

DSCF9780 copia

DSCF9783 copia

DSCF9784 copia

No, there is no supermarket trolley. In case you want to purchase a los of parts you better bring someone to help you. 🙂


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