JZX Spot in Fukakusainarionmae, Kyoto.

Fukakusainarionmae is the main street that leads you to one of the most popular temples in Kyoto. The well known Fushimi Inari temple.

It is a very narrow street surrounded by hundreds of every kind of small business. Food, art crafts, traditional japanese sweets, kimonos and whatever you have in mind. It is totally prohibited to park and the street is just one way heading the city centre. Here only bicycle and motorbike run the way what makes sometimes the road a kind of scary. It is also by the way one of my favorite streets of all Japan.

But anyway I spotted this JZX just parked in somebody else home may visiting and like I was carrying my phone I took some pictures. This is an example of how easy is to spot a modified car in the street of Japan.

chaser spot



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