Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi.

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The arrival to the nearest town to the lakes of Fuji-San is done very comfortable as we saw in the previous post in r32taka with the train Company Fujikyuko. The town is called Fujikawaguchiko, with around 25,000 people and is located at the foot of Fuji-San. With a characteristic station like it was virtually out a Swiss Cottage, that makes you feel that this place is very special.japanlastpictures - 39 copia

Even during the spring season, the town is very quiet and in any case the presence of tourists was unconscionable. This picture was taken at about 6:50h in the morning and being conscious of how much the japanese people likes to wake up early, the town was still sleeping waiting for the new day to come.

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We decided to walk from Kawaguchiko Station into the main lake of the 5 that compose the also called Fuji Five Lakes.

Japan is a wonderful country for walking. The more you travel, much more opportunities you have of finding wonderful and hidden places at once. Walking through narrow streets, or edges of rivers is much more comforting than travel by taxi or taking the underground available in most Japanese cities. And of course gives you the opportunity to take as many pictures as you want it because in days like these where you find yourself traveling freely, the rush and commitments do not exist and allow you to enjoy any place you’re surrounded.

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One of the things that fascinates me more is without any doubt, the signs and posters that are hosted on walls and posts, corporate signals, advertising, and relative to companies advertising their logos and images. Many of them are placed in their places for years, giving that vintage look to the town filling it with charisma and spirit.
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Sometimes it takes so many years that ends with signals like this one. Completely rusty. Because the Japanese government does not spend much of their budget in these conflicts. Perhaps like it or not, this whole set of signs, buildings, oxides and plants create a special magic on the land of the rising sun.

For us Europeans, especially those in the south of Europe it is quite surprising to find old city signals like this. Because we are accustomed to cities with lots of lighting, very wide sidewalks and signals and posters in perfect condition everywhere.

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The route from the station to the base Kawaguchiko lake is about 1.5 km, journey that takes about 15 minutes, but being the first time and if you entertain in your way may up costing almost an hour. I think is always the case when you take the camera hooked in the neck, it is impossible not to take photographs here and there while walking.

Finally the first view of Lake Kawaguchi. To be continued.

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