Small cars, are you in?

In most countries specially America and also Europe small cars are not too popular when talking about performance, racing or today’s stance movement. But when we talk about small cars, and as many other times, Japan made again a revolution back in the days.

p1 (1)

Japanese case is the most obvious, when car space is reduced, the need of a small car increase at the top list. As you well know Japan also have special regulation for super small cars best known as Kei Cars, but today is not the case.

p1 (3)

p1 (2)


Maybe because people do not find them as cool cars on stock version, maybe because some people do not know where to look for ideas when talking about modifications.


The Toyota Vitz, or Yaris in many countries I am posting today is an example of a little and well done Vitz perfect for commuting, amateur races or track days. The key is simple, when buying a car, power is not the most important thing as many Japanese had found in the last years, proper power, good suspensions and good tyres will make you happy in lots of trackdays, instead of spending lots of money modifying your car sitting in your garage. I really think this is the main reason to write about small cars.


So, keep ready for more small car post. A new category has been created.


Source: かぁ~ず



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