Low Weight Speedstar ~

Hi readers, how is going?

A couple of weekends ago we went to Valencia to cover two events, one was the Massanassa Tuning Expo and the other one, way more important, was the Nissan GT-R/Fairlady Z National Meeting, organised by NissanRC.


We had lots of fun, and very very cool cars, I had the opportunity to ”test” an Skyline and a Supra, both were amazing, simply amazing.

This post is about that Skyline, owned by Emilio, a guy from Canary Islands and currently living in Sevilla. Coming to Valencia is such an adventure with that car.


From the exterior to the interior, including the mechanics, this car is just a masterpiece.


The car is a Nissan Skyline, R33 Generation, but don’t trust the badge and the aero, this car is actually a GTS-T, but we prefer to call it GTS-R.


Emilio have been owning this baby for 7 years now, and he didn’t lose the time, he built his car with lot of love and good taste, pics talk for theirself. The car slept in the streets of Kurashiki, in the prefecture of Okayama.

Featuring a full and original GT-R aero, the car sits on some VOLK RAYS TE37 specially made for him.


VOLK RAYS TE37 in 18×10.5, using Toyo Proxes T1 Sport  (265/35/18)

Talking about the engine, we can find an RB25 which pushes 320bhp. A good number of horsepower with at least 200kg less than the GT-R, so its fast.


Here you can see it with a friend.


I really liked this car, im not a fan of the 33 Gen. Skylines, but this one looked very very good, the amount of attention and detail from Emilio made it unique, you can even find an original flare, which Nissan sold it as an extra, hard to find!

That is it guys, you can find the rest of the pictures in the FACEBOOK Page!


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