TM-Racing ~ Spanish Honda Specialist

Yo readers! I hope you are doing it well!

First of all, I would like to say that what you will see cannot be compared to what you use to see in this page or the others. The level of tuning in Spain when talking about good tuning its not the same as in Europe, USA or Japan. But some dudes are pushing hard and we want to help as much as possible.

Last March we went to TMRacing. But what is TMRacing? TMRacing is a Workshop/Garage, specialized in Honda Civic and owned by a group of friends and enthusiasts for the Civic. This remind me a lot of CarCraftBoon in the spanish way.


The outside of the garage looked fine as you see in the picture. We were so impatient and we went in, also because it was cold and rained during the whole day.



TMRacing also does some welding works and they are preparing an EF Turbo, it looked pretty good.


The EF mounts a D16A9 with 240bhp. This is a good number of great horsepower and if you mix it with a good suspension setup you can go very very fast at any track.



I hope we will see it soon at any track racing as hard as possible!

Nothing much more to say.. I think that is all, in the Facebook page you will find the rest of the pictures.

Thank you for reading!



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