Osaka taste

IMG_1930 copia

The people in Osaka look more busy than in the rest of the Kansai area. That should be normal, as Osaka is the more modern and futuristic city of the area. Being Kyoto a mix of a big city and all the classic japanese taste and very peaceful Nara.

IMG_1936 copia

Ebisu Bashi Suji is with any doubt the busy street in the city of Osaka, there are hundred of shops for everything you need.

IMG_1938 copia

IMG_1939 copia

IMG_1943 copia

IMG_1925 copia

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IMG_1928 copia

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IMG_1940 copia

IMG_1924 copia

Here one of this typical Neko Cafe you are used to heard about it. I haven’t visit any yet, I think I need to go asap and take car of some sweet cats.

IMG_1922 copia

IMG_1921 copia

IMG_1920 copia

IMG_1919 copia


IMG_1905 copia

Far view of the Osaka Castle. I visited last year so no need to get closer this time.

IMG_1907 copia

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