Osaka: Car Spotting

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That was impressing, specially the Porsche was so noisy.

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I will be so happing owning one like this again. Civic’s got much love from the Osaka Car Culture.

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You don’t see this often. That Toyota was like just bought from the dealer.

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I think I have speak in other post about how popular de Mini’s are in this country. There are many non official dealer all abroad the country.

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Many of you are thinking what to do with that PS13 right…

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Being in Japan what is really and spot is to find that Mustang lol.

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Probably the coolest Toyota Crown I have seen until now. The mix of VIP Car and Work Meisters is so great.

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Select ‘N Low Meeting ~ 23 March

Hey guys

My friend Hector and I went to the Bonaire Mall in Aldaia, to assist the SelectN Low meeting.

It was Sunday and the day was very good, sunny and good weather, so after washing the little Honda, we went to the meeting.


When we arrived there was a lot of people already and the cars meant the day was promising, so I took the camera and started taking pictures of the cars we had.





We didnt had much cars, but they were variated, we had from an Honda Jazz to an EM1 Turbo… And some slammed cars, like this Golf 3 or an E30.



Obviously we didnt miss the oldies but goldies, here you can see this awesomely fat Clio and one of my favourites of the day, an Honda Jazz, or City in Japan. I felt in love with this little boy.






This one came with an unexpected passenger!


Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed reading!

The rest of the pictures can be found at the Facebook page!

Special thanks to Hector Aleman ~

Osaka taste

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The people in Osaka look more busy than in the rest of the Kansai area. That should be normal, as Osaka is the more modern and futuristic city of the area. Being Kyoto a mix of a big city and all the classic japanese taste and very peaceful Nara.

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Ebisu Bashi Suji is with any doubt the busy street in the city of Osaka, there are hundred of shops for everything you need.

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Here one of this typical Neko Cafe you are used to heard about it. I haven’t visit any yet, I think I need to go asap and take car of some sweet cats.

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Far view of the Osaka Castle. I visited last year so no need to get closer this time.

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Outside Fujimura Auto: Rocket Dancer

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I feel so happy when I just walk thought out the city and I discover new performance workshops. This is Fujimura Auto located at west Kyoto.

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These two cars are mainly their showcars the R35 reach 650 HP and the Turbo Fairlady Z around 450 HP. Not bad for a couple of reliable daily driven cars.

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This shop is really very popular here in the city. Many Skyline had the sticker you see in that GTR. Maido-Ookini are both two words of the Kansai dialect of Japanese.

Maido meaning hello, and Ookini means thank you.

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