Part II: Visiting Phoenix’s Power SPL

I imagined when I was at that place that you reader were a garage owner. Thinking about what do you want to repair or tune.

I also imagined myself working there for a while every day, enjoying the real jdm performance everyday. Upgrading the powerful GTR or turboing Altezza’s. A workshop full of GTR’s.

IMG_8505 copia

IMG_8506 copia

IMG_8509 copia

IMG_8515 copia

IMG_8538 copia

IMG_8529 copia

IMG_8520 copia

IMG_8539 copia

IMG_8526 copia

IMG_8576 copia

IMG_8528 copia

IMG_8533 copia

IMG_8536 copia

IMG_8537 copia

_MG_0687 copia

IMG_8548 copia



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