Visiting KTM, Total Care Service

KTM is a small car service located in Kumiyama, Kyoto. Very small garage but a very passionated owner.

Currently racing an Alfa 156 and Civic EG6, this guy was racing AE86’s from his youth. I had the opportunity to visit the garage and spoke the owner. Also I took a bunch of pictures of an AE86 in the making.

I was very tempted for the Civic as is for sale but is still no time to buy car, I should carry on with my japanese studies and also try to translate my driver license before.

IMG_1039 copia IMG_1038 copia IMG_1035 copia _MG_0918 copia _MG_0922 copia IMG_1031 copia IMG_1032 copia IMG_1027 copia IMG_1028 copia _MG_1060 copia _MG_1058 copia _MG_1054 copia _MG_1056 copia _MG_1046 copia _MG_1045 copia _MG_1042 copia IMG_1040 copia _MG_1061 copia _MG_1063 copia _MG_1064 copia

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