The Classic N360

I am real car lover. I appreciate all cars, or at least almost all them. Sure I have a bunch of exceptions but I learnt that being a car lover is not just to love the R34 GTR.

The Honda N360 is a piece of Honda history and I had the opportunity to spot one. I don’t if restored or just very well conserved but anyway I was shocked how Honda created such a quality cars in the lately 60’s. This car is powered by 354 cc, 31 hp (23 kW) two-cylinder engine, which was borrowed from the Honda CB450 motorcycle.

By that time Honda was very recently introduced in car industry but that car is still one of the best Honda cars in its history.

_MG_1266 copia

_MG_1268 copia

_MG_1264 copia

_MG_1271 copia

How to park your R34 in 10 steps

Park your Skyline in the city centre of Kyoto is very easy. I will describe it step by step.

1. You should own an R34 Skyline.

2. Park it in the empty space.

3. A clamp will hold your car.

4. Go walking everywhere you want.


5. Check the number of your parking area and go to the parking ticket machine.

6. Pay.

_MG_0938 copia

7. The clamp will release your R34 Skyline

_MG_0937 copia

8. Open it and sit in your R34 Skyline

9. Start it.

10. Your are free to go.