Japanese food is just delicious

Food, the other side of Japan. Normally here the food is just an excellent desire. Everything and everywhere is normally so delicious. There is no big difference if you pay a lot or you to a cheap place.

During the last months I am also using this blog not only to show cars, also cities are very cool and they have that kind of special feeling that makes you take photos of every corner, like if for a moment everything need to be frozen in capture.

Probably that is the main reason that now forces me to also post food. Maybe as an extra, maybe I will post more food some other day.

_MG_0330 copia

_MG_0326 copia

_MG_0327 copia

_MG_0325 copia

_MG_0323 copia

_MG_0322 copia

_MG_0321 copia

_MG_0320 copia

_MG_0319 copia

_MG_0329 copia

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