Rocky Auto: Part II

Welcome back to part two of the visit to the Nissan paradise. Classic Nissan paradise. I did the first post just and introduction of some cars that still need some work. Specially Z31 an other Z.



I am a little special. Probably that C210 was my favorite car over that place. When something is not very popular, it starts to call my attention, but to being honest those cars here are very expensive. In fact every classic car here is tagged in a lot of Yen.


Toyota V8 powered 240Z. Amazing sound that car. N/A V8 is beautiful swap for the Fairlady’s. Totally restored.


First time I sat in a Hakosuka, great experience to check the gearbox. So sport for such an old car.





Here there is a Honda S800, almost the only exception. There was also a modified Corona in the garage.



There were many many Hakosukas, I have never seen so many Classic Nissan together.  I think because Rocky Auto has all them.









The Rocket Bunny E36

_MG_0648 copia

This is just the last creation of Miura San aka Rocket Bunny. The E36 is great bet for Miura San. You know that even E36 being popular, here in Japan is not the most popular car you can find for racing and even less for drifting.

_MG_0649 copia

I remember when I went for first time to Autoland and Miura San show me the renderings of the proyect. He worked so quick to make it real and here is the result.

_MG_0654 copia

I like a lot to visit Miura San and talk to him. He is very pleasant and very kind person. Spending time with him talking about 15 years ago of Kanjo’s and street drifting is such a great experience for a car guy like me.

_MG_0658 copia

_MG_0660 copia

_MG_0661 copia

_MG_0657 copia

Spotting as a hobby

IMG_0392 copia

IMG_0391 copia


Someone’s dream come true. BNR34 sitting in a cool night.

_MG_0342 copia 

_MG_0335 copia

_MG_0333 copia

I went to the mountain on friday night to try to see some action. Unfortunately it was so cool and I didn’t saw much. That Supra and the Starlet worth the visit.

_MG_0271 copia

If you have played the Gran Turismo series you sure remember the Daihatsu Midget.

_MG_0298 copia

Yes this is still a Levin, even if people don’t care much about them, they are well known because its powerful N/A engine.

_MG_0248 copia

_MG_0247 copia

The GTR 33 is a very rare spot. Is very easy to spot a 4 door R33, mostly automatics.

_MG_0235 copia

Some luxury in the city centre. Soarer.

_MG_0224 copia

The most popular van, and most tuned van in the country. The Toyota Hiace is so cool.

_MG_0199 copia

Probably the best FWD in the Market in the past years. FD2 was the last great creation of Honda.

_MG_0170 copia

Ver. III Impreza STI

_MG_0163 copia

Probably the most popular sport car in Japan right now, here there are thousands of BRZ’s and GT86.

_MG_0120 copia

_MG_0123 copia

Autech R32 4 door, this car has the famous RB26DE, those cars are very rare those days, mainly because this engine is one of the best modifications for your classic car. Fairlady’s or Hakosuka has a good donor.

_MG_0090 copia

You already know that tuning on truck is very popular in Japan, here is just another example. Chrome parts everywhere and light everywhere is the best way to dress your truck.

_MG_0089 copia

That Fairlady that wanted to be an Aston Martin.

_MG_0071 copia

_MG_0049 copia

The Testarrosa

Probably you have seen a Testarrosa before, I have never did. This car is just the typical car you had when you were a kid in your room. You have played with it many times imitating its sound. A die cast model of a Ferrari Testarrosa is very common if your where young kid in the nineties.

But here is an special Koenig Ferrari Testarrosa on a very shiny BBS wheels, which in my opinion is a perfect combo for this awesome car.

I have never been a fan of Ferrari but Ferrari’s from the 80´s and early 90’s got that special feeling of real sports car. No space for the comfort here, just a supersport car ready to be used everyday.

_MG_0619 copia

_MG_0615 copia

_MG_0612 copia

_MG_0611 copia

_MG_0616 copia

_MG_0620 copia

_MG_0623 copia

_MG_0624 copia