Rocky Auto: Part I

IMG_9019 copia

I remember this day like yesterday. When I travel to Nagoya to see my friend from Shiomi Garage he took me to one of the most impressive garages that I have never seen.

I decided to make various post about this incredible shop because I have many pictures and post them in once will so much.

The first thing you find when you spot Rocky Auto is a parking lot. At the entrance there are many Z31 and some other cars still waiting for restoration, maybe some are just donors, or maybe this place is also like a museum that no even Nissan has. This first part of Rocky Auto is about that parking. The parking itself is very much than you expect.

IMG_9021 copia

This is as I said what you spot first, but then you get inside moving as best as you can for this kind paradise of nostalgic japanese cars. Let me show some examples.

IMG_9022 copia

IMG_9024 copia

IMG_9026 copia

IMG_9027 copia

On the next post I keep posting photos but you know I have always the need of posting these old cars that look death. But you know the will get a new life soon or late. Specially tempted for the black Z31.

IMG_9048 copia

IMG_9071 copia

IMG_9132 copia

IMG_9054 copia

IMG_9030 copia

IMG_9042 copia

Maybe the picture down this text describe how impressive is this place for an every lover of the old school scheme.

IMG_9058 copia

Well see you soon with more pictures from the paradise. Until then I will keep thinking which one I prefer.

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