Classic Car Expo – Ondara 2013

Last 24th November, Ondara ended their fair with several activities, one of them was a kind of exhibition/expo of classic cars and motorcycles, but we will focus on cars, obviously.


The day was good, good weather, great atmosphere and a lot of people. About the cars, well, this year was better than the previous edition, there were more cars, as well as the variety of them, which is very appreciated. I missed some classic cars, as the typical M3 E30 or the not typical Shelby Cobra, there are a few here, it is a replica though, but it is always good to see one.


There were older to more modern cars, as you will see in the pictures. Not much to tell, it was not a very big event so there is not much to write, just look at the pictures!


The law of the strongest!


This one is special for me, my mum had one, also I am a Peugeot fan.. So sweet!

Lets end the post with 2 bad boys..


DSC01542Rest of the pictures can be found at the Facebook page!



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