Abandoned places, abandoned cars.

What a pity, is like an irony of life isn’t? Normally you want a determined model of car to own. But depending where are you living some cars are not so loved for some or other reason.

Well the Honda Beat is that kind of Kei Car that you always from Gran Turismo series and has love from JDM enthusiast all around the world. Even here Beat is more or less expensive car to buy but sometimes they are also forgotten in a parking lot.

_MG_0858 copia

Surprise, this a Honda City Cabriolet, also related to the Honda Fit like the first generation. The cabriolet model is so difficult to spot. But find one like this did make sad for a while. Probably this car is parked for a very long time, I don’t know, but I really hope someone rescue it soon. A Rocket Bunny project will be so cool.

I will remember to you that the City Cabriolet shares the same code FA than the City Turbo and also the body, but the Cabriolet was never built as a Turbo version only NA.

_MG_0860 copia

Together to those Honda there also was a Cabriolet March, this corner of the city was like a spot of rare cars itself. All them together in the same parking.

_MG_0857 copia

But it is even worst to find two Honda Beat together and both all them abandoned there. Is a quite rare feeling when I found cars like that because I know many people will be so happy owning them but…the only a can do is to post them to show how Japan is.

_MG_0867 copia


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