Nismo kitted R34


The ER34 is always a controversy car. Is not a GTR. People didn’t care much about HCR32 or ECR33, the GTS Turbo versions of the R32 and R33 Skyline. Some also respect them. But sometimes when talking about the ER34 you have to read some stupid comment in webs and forums, such as…you could not afford a real GTR and bla bla bla.

This is not my case of course. I adore the ER34, is the perfect mix of daily car, space for traveling, and super awesome RB25DET under the bonnet capable of beat any car. And if you are a drifter addict this car will make so happy.

This is one of the more commons bodykit you can find in ER34 Skyline’s. The red paint is just perfect and a little rare.





2 thoughts on “Nismo kitted R34

  1. The people complaining about; you just bought that because you couldnt afford a GTR has more than likely never even owned a Skyline. A bunch of hating ass, jealous fanboys.. Not everybody want a GTR either.. I do drifting so i wanted i GTST and i also favor RWD over AWD. So i bought 2 xR33 Skyline GTST Sedans. One 97 Spec 2 mint condition with low milage and one 93 Spec 1 without driveline(engine,transmisson) as a project. Thats not to say that i wouldnt want a GTR:). I follow this blog and i appreiciate the good work! Its been a couple of years since my last Japan trip and i miss it. Planning av new trip soon!

    1. First of everything thank you for following this blog! I’m so happy for that. And second I am in same way of thinking than you GTST are so good for drift and is what it make me like the so much


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