Race in… 3rd Gen Civic

Sometimes you read in the internet some stupid comments as Honda are for kids or things like that. Well I don’t believe in that. You know here we are really lovers of Nissan’s but first of all we do respect cars, and its owners. This I think is more like a kanjo racer car against some powerful cars. Specially hard to beat the new GTR. But OMG this even if the GTR driver isn’t the fastest man in world this is very impressive and difficult to understand.

5 thoughts on “Race in… 3rd Gen Civic

  1. ¿Y lo de enseñar el dedo? Todo el respeto que pudiera tener, para mí lo ha perdido

    What about that middle finger? He lost all the respect and he became just another jerk, IMO

    1. Creo que el hecho de ser un Kanjo lo condiciona, no crees? Quizas o por dar alguna explicacion. A lo mejor es si manera de decir algo que desconocemos. 🙂 a lo mejor significa lo Mismo que en muchos otros paises simplemente y no hay mas explicacion


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