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Ey! No! No! Don’t click back button in your browser. This is still r32taka but there is an special delivery today. Volkswagen delivery.

Even being a super japanese car addicted, I have been the owner of two VW Golf II in the past, so I still have some love for the old german cars. Specially the classics, telling you the truth I don’t car much about modern german cars.


The most popular van ever is also so popular here in this amazing country. Japan is home of one of the most crazy creations when talking about the old school Volkswagen.


I found this style-ish Volkswagen Bus in Nagoya during a one day trip when I shot the Gloria you have seen here last month.







Rocky Auto: Part I

IMG_9019 copia

I remember this day like yesterday. When I travel to Nagoya to see my friend from Shiomi Garage he took me to one of the most impressive garages that I have never seen.

I decided to make various post about this incredible shop because I have many pictures and post them in once will so much.

The first thing you find when you spot Rocky Auto is a parking lot. At the entrance there are many Z31 and some other cars still waiting for restoration, maybe some are just donors, or maybe this place is also like a museum that no even Nissan has. This first part of Rocky Auto is about that parking. The parking itself is very much than you expect.

IMG_9021 copia

This is as I said what you spot first, but then you get inside moving as best as you can for this kind paradise of nostalgic japanese cars. Let me show some examples.

IMG_9022 copia

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Throwback: Juneda Meet

I have some pictures that really now are a little old, probably more than 7 or so month. But checking old the folders with photo that I have here I found them and they deserve to be posted here.

This is Spain, in a Nissan Meeting. Photos were took by Xavi Llamas sometimes collaborating with us, he took these impressive images of that day.

juneda 1

juneda 2

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Abandoned places, abandoned cars.

What a pity, is like an irony of life isn’t? Normally you want a determined model of car to own. But depending where are you living some cars are not so loved for some or other reason.

Well the Honda Beat is that kind of Kei Car that you always from Gran Turismo series and has love from JDM enthusiast all around the world. Even here Beat is more or less expensive car to buy but sometimes they are also forgotten in a parking lot.

_MG_0858 copia

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Night pics of Kyoto

This is just a photo set about some night pics around my living area. Since I came here for first time I felt the need to shoot everything. Today I decide to share some pictures.

Hoping you like to see them if you like Japan. Maybe you just like the JDM cars… but I’m more than that. I am a real japanese culture lover, food, streets and people.


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