Spot S14.5

IMG_4040 copia

First of everything, huge difference today. This photos are took by an iPhone so I apologize for the quality.

Second was very impressive found such a daily car. S14 with S15 front end is not something you see everyday. And even if is not a car event or such kind of emplacement.

Just noticed that the rear is Uras kit, but really much information about the front or the side aero parts sorry. Very curious too the rear brake disk xD.

IMG_4038 copia

IMG_4037 copia

IMG_4035 copia

IMG_4034 copia

Updated. Rear view.

IMG_4033 copia

IMG_4032 copia


6 thoughts on “Spot S14.5

  1. Al menos tiene gusto… El de Pancho es un desastre jajajaja

    Its pretty cool the combo of the kits, the Uras GT Style is amazing, aswell the Works9, and even more with we add some CST Zeros.

    Good find man!


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