El paseo de una rana verde

IMG_8912 copia

Welcome to 2001. This was the first thing I thought when I spotted this Integra the past week and not only I was very surprised for some sticker you will see down this post. But I do not blame this car, in fact is being published here because there is no racism here because the stylish of your car if you feel happy with it.

You may like it more or less but for me is just about to show how are the streets of Japan today. Here is just another example of how the car culture is still in Japan, very colorful and still plenty of modified cars parked everywhere.

IMG_8914 copia

IMG_8915 copia

So here we are. Some of you may know that I am an spaniard guy who really loves JDM cars and Japan, and to found this car and its stickers really surprise me a lot.

IMG_8918 copia

“The walk of a green frog”. To be honest I have get the feeling that japanese people is very interested in Spain and its language, this is just another proof of what I am saying.

IMG_8917 copia

I guess the sticker in the rear windscreen is a reference of that car sound. ¿Es la voz cantando el ángel? ¿O es el rugido del diablo? Translated to english readers, Is the angel singing? Or Is the demon roar?

IMG_8919 copia

IMG_8921 copia

IMG_8920 copia

IMG_8916 copia

IMG_8911 copia

IMG_8922 copia

Please if you know the owner of these car, or is some of your many Facebook friends share with him this post and try to help him to get in touch with me please, I was so happy for this spot. And meeting him will be so pleasant.

2 thoughts on “El paseo de una rana verde

  1. I don’t like it…sry.. but this type of tuning is a thing of the past, when the Fast and Furious came up… now cars looks better stock, lowered and with rims!


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