That GTR33

IMG_8971 copia

Probably, or better said, almost sure, the GTR·33 is like the forgotten GTR. Little risky to say that but you really now the internet is full of R34 and R32 all over.

Is okey, but here we keep liking the 33 so much, and that is why we keep posting them. I found this stock one here near Kyoto in an small town. Obviously this car has spent so much time outside the garage.

But even with that every time I found an R33 I took some photos of it. Here they are to share them.

IMG_8972 copia

IMG_8974 copia

IMG_8975 copia


7 thoughts on “That GTR33

  1. El R33 estéticamente es el más bonito. Combinación de colores y detalles de este es perfecta!
    No puede ser tan malo respecto al 32 …

      1. Me he expresado mal. Es una evolución, no puede ser peor, pero tal vez no goza del palmarés del R32.
        Para mi es un cochazo en todos los sentidos.

        Sigo la web desde hace tiempo, haceís un muy buen trabajo!
        Seguir así!


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