Quick view at Shogo’s Gloria

IMG_9306 copia

Usually you do not have the opportunity of finding such kind of cars. Old School Japanese cars today aren’t as common as you may think. And specially as this Nissan Gloria that Shogo uses everyday as daily driver.

_MG_9297 copia

Even running a little rich this Gloria has a beautiful sound. Carbs has an special spirit, the smell of those cars make you have a free travel to the past, when petrol wasn’t a big problem.

_MG_9295 copia

_MG_9293 copia

_MG_9287 copia

_MG_9275 copia

The inside view was very clean, like no years had passed. Every chrome was shine and the customized steering give to the car the perfect look for Shogo’s character.

_MG_9304 copia

_MG_9282 copia

_MG_9279 copia

IMG_9305 copia

IMG_9308 copia


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