Race in… ECR33

I think will be good to start a new section here in the blog. Specially to see how cars in amateurs hand can be handle.

To start I decided to go with an ECR33. R33 RB25DET. As the R33 is the no most popular Skyline I think is a good way to start. Notice the car leading is the old DR30 Skyline which is very very fast.

Note: The image at the home does not match the car at the video.

Spot S14.5

IMG_4040 copia

First of everything, huge difference today. This photos are took by an iPhone so I apologize for the quality.

Second was very impressive found such a daily car. S14 with S15 front end is not something you see everyday. And even if is not a car event or such kind of emplacement.

Just noticed that the rear is Uras kit, but really much information about the front or the side aero parts sorry. Very curious too the rear brake disk xD.

IMG_4038 copia

IMG_4037 copia

IMG_4035 copia

IMG_4034 copia

Updated. Rear view.

IMG_4033 copia

IMG_4032 copia

Those cars

No, I had never seen an HR31 before. This was my first time. And as stock car, this GTS was really nothing special, but I have waiting long time to see one and I decided to post some photos about it.

No much care on this car, tires looked very old so I don’t think this car has an active life these days, but is also nice to still spot old Skylines in the streets.

This is GTS version RB20DET powered pushing 200ps if I remember well. Only some Rays on it.

IMG_8886 copia

IMG_8887 copia

IMG_8889 copia

IMG_8890 copia

IMG_8891 copia

IMG_8895 copia

IMG_8898 copia

IMG_8899 copia

IMG_8900 copia

El paseo de una rana verde

IMG_8912 copia

Welcome to 2001. This was the first thing I thought when I spotted this Integra the past week and not only I was very surprised for some sticker you will see down this post. But I do not blame this car, in fact is being published here because there is no racism here because the stylish of your car if you feel happy with it.

You may like it more or less but for me is just about to show how are the streets of Japan today. Here is just another example of how the car culture is still in Japan, very colorful and still plenty of modified cars parked everywhere.

IMG_8914 copia

IMG_8915 copia

So here we are. Some of you may know that I am an spaniard guy who really loves JDM cars and Japan, and to found this car and its stickers really surprise me a lot.

IMG_8918 copia

“The walk of a green frog”. To be honest I have get the feeling that japanese people is very interested in Spain and its language, this is just another proof of what I am saying.

IMG_8917 copia

I guess the sticker in the rear windscreen is a reference of that car sound. ¿Es la voz cantando el ángel? ¿O es el rugido del diablo? Translated to english readers, Is the angel singing? Or Is the demon roar?

IMG_8919 copia

IMG_8921 copia

IMG_8920 copia

IMG_8916 copia

IMG_8911 copia

IMG_8922 copia

Please if you know the owner of these car, or is some of your many Facebook friends share with him this post and try to help him to get in touch with me please, I was so happy for this spot. And meeting him will be so pleasant.

That GTR33

IMG_8971 copia

Probably, or better said, almost sure, the GTR·33 is like the forgotten GTR. Little risky to say that but you really now the internet is full of R34 and R32 all over.

Is okey, but here we keep liking the 33 so much, and that is why we keep posting them. I found this stock one here near Kyoto in an small town. Obviously this car has spent so much time outside the garage.

But even with that every time I found an R33 I took some photos of it. Here they are to share them.

IMG_8972 copia

IMG_8974 copia

IMG_8975 copia

TRA Kyoto Part III

Here is the last part of the visit to TRA Kyoto after releasing the previous post a couple of weeks back. Very easy to find them in the home page of the blog.

I am specially attracted for old school cars, specially the Bluebird’s. Here an SSS version, aslo know in the US as Datsun 510 here in Japan today this cars aren’t very popular. Sorry they are popular but find them is very very rare.
IMG_8386 copia

IMG_8385 copia

IMG_8381 copia

IMG_8335 copia

Yes you are right here is Kei Miura-san entering the shop. I have talked about him in the previous post but I will say it again, Kei is such a kind guy, very smart and very friendly, you never really imagine. By the time you see these days the E36 Rocket Bunny I have already seen it finished in the computer renderings. It is gonna be really awesome.

IMG_8489 copia

IMG_8394 copia


Also in the shop is one of the most infamous Kanjo Cars you can remember. Also for me, I remember when I was younger watching Kanjo videos of Osaka watching those old Civic going faster than hell in the Osaka Ring Highway.

At the time I found that car here I couldn’t believe that car was real, well of course it is.

IMG_8366 copia

IMG_8382 copia

IMG_8355 copia

IMG_8402 copia


But the surprises never stops when visiting TRA Kyoto, Lamborghini bumpers and GT86 bumpers together. Easy to notice the huge difference in size between those two cars.

IMG_8400 copia



Ferrari 458 bumper in the making.

IMG_8342 copia

IMG_8410 copia

And the other surprise, the shop is like being germanized, many MB around, I will like to see a Rocket Bunny MB soon xD.

IMG_8380 copia

IMG_8350 copia

IMG_8353 copia

IMG_8468 copia

IMG_8340 copia

IMG_8378 copia

IMG_8471 copia

That is all, I hope you liked this pictures, and also feel happy to save or share them. It isn’t easy to stay here and in the meantime this photos may help you to imagine how life is here.

Varietta Style-A

Yo readers!

How is going? I hope everything well!

My posts are mostly about certain cars, and this is not a excepcion. Been looking through the Internet, and been very curious in Autech versions of common Nissan models, they made an R32, an S14, the Stagea 260RS..

And they obviously made an S15


This is a Silvia Varietta, the convertible version of the infamous S15. This one came stock and the owner changed the wheels, now sits on Model 6 and the bumper, which is the Autech Style – A one.

The car looks very cool, it is different of what we use to see, and that is good. We like to post this kind of different cars.


Weird looking but very aggresive, I really like this bumper.


Comfortable when you need it, sporty when you want it. Pretty perfect daily car, and so nice to enjoy the weekends. Remember this version came with an N/A engine SR20DE with 160bhp.


This is what I like to see in my perfect weekend.


And yeah, a shoot of the rear, trunk is higher than the Coupe one, it looks rare but also cool to see!


And this is one of my favourite things of a car, the interior and its details, leather seats are very elegant, and that Varietta panel is an awesome detail, very exclusive at nights! I am amazed of how cars with 10, 15 or 20 years old can have these nice details.