Inside High Bridge First

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High Bridge First is a Jimmny specialist located in Uji-shi. I had the opportunity last week to spend sometime with them. As always japanese people is so kind and they always want to show you everything about their workshops.

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As an Jimny specialist the workshop is fully invaded for that small all terrain car. The is a particularity about Jimny’s in Japan as they are built as a kei car which is 660cc and as Suzuki sold them in Europe 1.300cc. Easy to difference them as kei cars has yellow plates.

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Kei Car Jimny’s have 660cc Turbo K6A-engined pushing 63ps from factory. The larger 1.3-litre Jimny was originally equipped with the G13BB engine pushing 80ps.

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Basically High Bridge First is a performance garage for upgrading your Jimny into an off road monster. They got everything you need, suspension, exhaust, roll cages and ECU reprogramming as well as all kind of accessories for inside and outside.

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This red Suzuki is a mini van named Suzuki EVERY. Like for everyday usage. Equipped with bags the guys of High Brige First made a small show with the car lifting in it which in fact was very funny to watch.

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IMG_8424 copia

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Just in case you need to contact them to upgrade your Jimny please visit:

High Bridge First



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