Visiting Assist Car Care, Kyoto.

DSCF9529 copia

BMW’s are highly popular in Japan, as well as Mercedes Benz. But BMW has this sporty feeling that has become BMW so popular in Europe. Here is almost the same. It is very easy find high range BMW’s, there are many M3 and M5 but also there many high models like 335i or 330i.

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Assist Car Care is an small garage located in Kyoto specialized in BMW’s. Here the mix between german parts and JDM parts reach its maximum expression, Volk’s all around. Big Endless brakes and high rear wings just with the porpoise of racing.

DSCF9522 copia

The truth is that this E92 catch the majority of my attention, was so stunning and impressive. Properly equipped, no cheap parts.

DSCF9524 copia

DSCF9523 copia

DSCF9525 copia

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