Spending nights in Tokyo

Here are some shots from Tokyo, Japan. When the sun is gone the city turns into a multi-light city. Buildings, advertising screens, cars and the city itself have bright colours. I took many photos during nights, I just love Tokyo when is dark. I decided to share some of them hoping you will like this post.

All pictures are High Resolution.

IMG_3897 copia

IMG_3837 copia

IMG_3861 copia

IMG_3830 copia

IMG_4301 copia

IMG_4302 copia

IMG_4308 copia

IMG_4298 copia

IMG_4309 copia

IMG_4310 copia

IMG_4312 copia

IMG_4313 copia

IMG_4317 copia

IMG_4318 copia

IMG_4319 copia

IMG_4324 copia

IMG_4327 copia

IMG_6212 copia

IMG_6198 copia

IMG_6203 copia

As always check Flickr for more photos: F L I C K R


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