Cars never want to die

IMG_4929 copia

This is probably the kind of post that you do want to see. It will makes you cry, ask yourself why they did it, and why you cannot take one to your garage.

IMG_4940 copia

The truth is that is always sad to find a place where racecars or amateur racecars die, but I am not really sure about if the are just steel or someone use them for training. This place is Mototanaka area, north Kyoto. Is a wonderful and peaceful neighhood some cool cars around and kind people I have ever met.

I think and believe the most special thing here is that red Tommy Kaira Impreza…never seen it before. Very classy. Like it. Even with that weird read wing. If it’s classy is proper.

Other cars here like Integra, Today, AE86… look like they were amateur race cars that don’t race anymore.

IMG_4939 copia

IMG_4938 copia

IMG_4937 copia

IMG_4930 copia

IMG_4936 copia

IMG_4935 copia

IMG_4933 copia

IMG_4934 copia

Is that the real Bunta’s car? I don’t believe so… These red mudguards make that car look an amateur race car, also looks like is still in use.

IMG_4932 copia

All Honda lovers will be sad now. That black EG can be converted back to a Kanjo and have a better life.

IMG_4931 copia

I should go again and visit the place to find some more interesting cars. Maybe they last there forever.  I’ll back to check it and post some more photos in next weeks.

José M. López


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