JZX Meet at Daikoku Part II


Let’s get some more photos in of the JZX meet in Daikoku!


This JZX100 Mark II stood out from the rest with it’s canards and splitter. Many people were admiring it.DSC_0068

Once again, what is a Chaser without some battle scars?DSC_0069

A little bit cleaner, but still scarred!DSC_0071

This Verossa was clearly still a work in progress…DSC_0079

Nevertheless, the young man driving it still took it out drifting around Daikoku after the meet. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!DSC_0081

Very, very clean example of a Chaser. I would’ve gone for a bigger exhaust though.DSC_0075

And once again, since this is Daikoku, there were other cars there of interest that weren’t big body Toyotas.DSC_0076

This BNR34 was so beautiful and simple…DSC_0089

But it had a tough competition from this badass Supra.DSC_0096

The track inspired style was just so aggressive. I loved it.DSC_0091



There were quite a few “Y” plates at Daikoku that night. “Y” plates mean that the car is registered inside an American base.DSC_0115

This AE86 stole a lot of attention because of how clean and beautiful it was. One of the best examples I’ve ever seen in person.DSC_0106







Part 3 will be up very soon, with looooots more photos!




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