JZX Meet at Daikoku Part I


Hey everyone, I am back! This past Thursday night, my friend with the metallic brown Cresta told me that there was going to be a JZX meet in Daikoku Futo, and there was no way I was going to miss it!


Naturally, the drive in his Cresta was very quick to Daikoku from Tokyo, as we averaged around 100km/h down all the highways. Talk about empty roads!DSC_0012


The number of cars that were present just absolutely staggered me!DSC_0015

The one that stood out most had to be this Verossa equipped with full decals all around.DSC_0017

The carbon fiber front lip and Do-Luck wing in the back gave it a very D1GP feel.DSC_0019


What more could you ask for?DSC_0024




As you can see, the impressive line up of cars also extended out of the JZX series and included some other cars as well!DSC_0036

What’s the point if you’re not driving it hard?DSC_0038

This clean S15 was parked up away from all the big body Toyota’s, but I couldn’t resist to snap up a photo!DSC_0042

My friend’s Cresta now is rocking some matte black paint on the bumper and fender that used to be white, a very decently done DIY job!DSC_0045



This Chaser is driven by a New Zealander who lives here in Japan. Check out their team called SSHHH on facebook!DSC_0224


More cars to come in the next post!



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