Have you ever been in a Japanese Supermarket?


What a surprise today when entering to the blog, right? Today’s content is non car related, but well is still japanese content. I have the feeling that some of you are not only Japanese car lovers, and surely you fall much deeper into the Japanese culture.

IMG_4555 copia

One of the most fascinating sides of Japan is undoubtedly the food. Food is exciting, with many flavours and colours. Given to the variety of food that the japanese cuisine uses, from all meats and animal parts to the hundreds of vegetables and hundreds of spices and fish, food in Japan, becomes an extraordinary experience for the Western accustomed taste. And for some unknown reason, every dish you see you wish to taste it find new tastes and sensations.

Although,  Japanese people often lunch or dinner away from home, cities obviously has larger supermarkets than the typical 7eleven or other conbinis, but they are not really easy to find. I could not resist to visit some of them, take some pictures and taste something new. Here is a market located at Mototanaka, Kyoto.









I hope today’s post surprised you at least a little bit, and if you weren’t so much surprised if you become a little more japanese freak then it would be really nice.

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