Drift Day in Chiba Part II


Here we go, back with more pictures from the little drift day in Chiba!



Upon arrival at the track, I noticed something extremely interesting.DSC_0027

The 86 was driven by an older man, and was equipped with some rather expensive parts on it. It was cool to see an 86 live in action for the first time, but the driver was no good, so the true potential of the car really wasn’t exposed. I was rather disappointed by this.DSC_0034

I was half hoping that owners of the parked shaken-less cars would show up, but they unfortunately didn’t.DSC_0157

So instead It was fun to just see my friend ripping up his tires.DSC_0053

There’s nothing better than seeing a big car like this sliding around a small track.DSC_0054






As you can see my friend was going pretty hard at it, and ended up going through three sets of tires that day.DSC_0055

Occasionally he did spin out, but no one here is a professional and it happens to even the best!DSC_0163

There were some other cars out on the circuit to the side.DSC_0184

This HCR32 was doing some pretty good slides around the cones.DSC_0183

The circuit time had to be shared, about 10 minutes per person, so while my friend wasn’t out on the track, others were.DSC_0124

This dark Chaser looked absolutely amazing sliding around.DSC_0201


It was interesting how much the color of it changed depending on the light.DSC_0214





It was extremely hot, and proper cooling off of cars was absolutely necessary in order to avoid any damage.DSC_0241

More and more people kept showing up.DSC_0233



These guys were ready to be there for the whole day, hence the insane amount of rubber they brought.DSC_0235

This Cefiro looked like it was abused regularly, making it really stand out from the rest.DSC_0289

Nothing a little tape can’t fix though!DSC_0242



Watching this cart slide around with plastic covers around the wheels was really entertaining too.DSC_0237

At the end of the day it was time to hang up the helmets, and sit around drinking some fluids to make sure not to get heat stroke.DSC_0375

There will be one more post from this day after this, and it’s very awesome so stay tuned!


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