Drift Day in Minami Chiba


After a long night at work and no sleep, at 5 in the morning, my friend and I set off for Chiba from Tokyo for a day of great fun. The smooth highways provided us a great and quick trip to the east.


We made one stop at a typical Japanese highway stop to stock up on lots of coffee and a packed lunch obento for later on in the day.DSC_0010

We parked right next to this cool little Mugen equipped Honda Fit. Thought it was worth snapping.DSC_0015

After we left the highway stop, we hit a huge traffic jam on the last stretch to the track which stretched what is usually an hour long trip to two hours.


Upon arrival at the tiny circuit, I was amazed by how much green scenery there was around. The remote track was almost tucked into a forest.DSC_0018

We arrived about 30 minutes before the opening of the circuit so more cars were coming in while we waited, like this cool R33 Skyline.DSC_0019

I know many people don’t like the R33 but I think the non-GTR versions look great.DSC_0023

I was confused by the number of these parked cars. DSC_0024

When I asked my friend, he told me the owners were paying the circuit to keep them parked there. Usually the road taxes aren’t paid on these cars so it is cheaper for the owners to just keep them at the circuit. There were some really cool cars in this crowd.DSC_0248

An interesting shot of big versus small.DSC_0374

Overall the circuit is small, but it was very beautiful and I think many people have fun when they come here.DSC_0412 DSC_0415 DSC_0417 DSC_0420 DSC_0421Drifting photos will be in the next post! Please come back to see


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