Odaiba Toyota Showroom


Here is a slightly less, or maybe more, interesting post than the usual stuff I post. In Odaiba, there is a Toyota Showroom where they have all of their current line up, and you can go into almost all of the cars!


Thew new Toyota Mark X was extremely popular with the younger crowd.DSC_1058

I think it looks absolutely immaculate.DSC_1053

But the real gem for me is the brand new Toyota Crown. DSC_1064

The previous version is the Crown ‘Royal’, which is basically the comfortable luxury version. This one is the Athlete, the more sporty and more powerful version. This is the one I am just crying for.DSC_1063

Many people do not like the front grill of the new model. I thought it was a bit strange in the beginning too, but ever since the first time I saw it, it’s been growing on me, and now I absolutely love it. Once you get over the grill and appreciate all the lines of the car, you can see it’s real beauty.DSC_1060

This is the interior of the Athlete which isn’t leather. I’ve already ridden in one Crown Athlete taxi with leather interior, and I have to say it was one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever been in.DSC_1062

It’s a shame no one outside of Japan will ever appreciate this…DSC_1061

… since even though it looks a little bit like a Lexus, it is a Toyota that’s only released in Japan.DSC_1078

I thought this red color was really beautiful.DSC_1066

I thought this was extremely awesome. The cutaway of a Prius showing how all the technology works.DSC_1068

While hybrids aren’t very cool, I thought this cutaway was amazing.DSC_1069 DSC_1076

In another section, you could buy models of bikes, cars, and helmets.DSC_1077

And some extremely cool Formula 1 models. They were all EXTREMELY expensive though.DSC_1079

The real gem in the whole place was this old Super GT Supra from ZENT.DSC_1082

Unfortunately it was only there for show and not allowed to be touched.DSC_1085 DSC_1080 DSC_1094Outside, if you have a valid Japanese license, you are allowed to go for a test drive of any car of your choice. This is really a place worth visiting if you are ever in Tokyo, and shouldn’t miss it.

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