Some More Cresta Photos


Hello guys, to move away from Tokyo Auto Salon posts now for a bit, here are some more photos of my friend’s Toyota Cresta JZX100. This night, we were getting ready to go to the infamous Daikoku Futo to do some street drifting.


My friend and lots of his friends often come to the 7th floor parking lot of this Don Quixote store to switch tires and make last minute preparations to their cars like hiding license plates before going out to Daikoku for all the fun.DSC_0008

You now see my friend’s Cresta running so many different wheels, but that’s only because he always changes his rear tires. He wasn’t very happy with these rear wheels because they were very small.DSC_0015

Since the last time I shot the car, he’s picked up quite a few more stickers…DSC_0035

The parking lot made a great setting for some cool photos. DSC_0041

This is one of his friend’s S15. As you can see it is quite dirty and beat up because he regularly uses it to go drifting.DSC_0044

At Daikoku, I met two guys from New Zealand who were there with their cars, sporting some SSHHH! stickers which they were also handing out.DSC_0045The fun didn’t last for very long however because as soon as the first cars started drifting, the police showed up before I could get any photos of the action. Never mind though, as I will be posting some drifting photos soon from a drift day at a track in Chiba. Stay tuned!


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