Hey guys!

How is going on readers? Well, last weekend we went  to the OSD Round in Castellolí ParcMotor.  José,  Alex; propietor of ATJ Motor, and me. The day was really good, we had the opportunity to see some very awesome cars. Mostly tuned cars, and most of them were japanese cars as we do like.

But, yes, tuned cars are very cool, but you forget that tuned cars are stock cars, so looking in the parking lot I found a very interesting car, of course it wasnt tuned.

The car I’m talking about its a ’95 Nissan 200SX, painted in ”Ruby Pearl”  (correct me if I’m wrong)

s14 (5)

This car was the succesor of the Nissan RPS13/RS13/PS13 as most of you will know. But what is the point of writing a post about a simple stock car?

The answer is obvious, we love to see and listen tuned cars, but if I have to be honest, I’m not that kind of car guy . Highly tuned cars, and specially every RWD JDM car remind me the old school of the japanese drifting. So why not giving a try to this car?

s14 (1)

Look at that front, the front lip is in a very good condition for its age, headlights are not blurry or dirty and the same goes with the foglights.

s14 (2)

The rear is also amazing, I really love how S14’s rear is like all rounded and this one looks pretty nice. What I really hate is the ‘re-done’ we had to do with the plates, I mean, that plastic panel with the red lights at the side, that is just ugly. But euro-bumpers are like that due to license plate size.

Take a look to the exhaust, I never seen that before. They are dirty of course, but not crashed or damaged because there were no “run the wall” with this car ever.

s14 (4)

The sideway of the car,  just take a look, it is the same as the front or rear, clean as hell!

s14 (3)

Someone has to bring back this car to the showroom. Can you see how the tyres and wheels are as the same day. It is like if the car exit from the dealer last week!

s14 (7)

One of the most important things in a car when we are talking about good or mint condition is the body paint. I just don’t have words to describe it, no key marks, no gravel, no shit on it, just a pearl colour and small swirls.

s14 (6)

I will like to  congratulate the proud owner of this unit, and suggest him to keep the car like it is. Today is pretty rare to find such an awesome S14.

Well is time to finish reading and starting enjoying of this car.I know that car photos are not best ones but they are enough to appreciate the car condition.


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