Since I joined forums in 2008 I know the existance of a Nissan Skyline, for me it was the unique in Spain. Before I wasn’t in this car-modifications-world as I am now.

This car is an HCR32,  in blue. Original factory color was red, but no many people knows that.


Do you know who was the owner of that car by 2010? My partner Jose, the founder of r32taka.com.

I have always dreamt with this car, long time ago, like 3 or 4 years back to this time. I remember to go to the Drifting Series, which took place in Albaida, and Jose was racing that day with her.

Long time has passed since, until last weekend when I went to Castellon and the saturday we met Batou in a Karting Track and decided to go and visit him later on. After having lunch, we picke up Alex and we went to Batou’s home.

I was so amazed, white faced, no speaking, I was in front of her, one more time, since Albaida, I never though this moment would happened again. Fortunately Jose took his camera and collected some garage photos.

The car is amazing, as always, but this time the wheels weren’t the R32 GTR ones and all the stickers has been dissappeared, except Irony and DRIFTWORKS, also noticed GTR wing.

Here are the stickers I mentioned.


It seems like the car has been kept long time in the garage, the dust is more than visible and it seems that someone tried to remove the ATJ Motor sticker, just look the A.


As I said, stickers were removed except the TEIN sticker you see in the spoiler also Irony, Driftworks and ATJ Motor are still in.

We asked to start the engine one more time and inspect the engine, why not?


But this particular HCR32 didn’t has only dust, it used to race long time ago, and damage is more visible in fenders and bumpers.



As you have seen in the previous image, we opened the door and my friend and I wanted to remember the good moments with it.


One of the best details in this car is the speedometer illumination, also the interior seems comfy, just seems.

So, after this, me and Jose decided to freeze this moment and took an adorable photo.


I would like to say thank you to Batou for letting us enjoy this moment, showed us the car and had some beers. It was hust a while, no more than one hour but I assure that this was one of best moments I have ever had in my life. I’m pretty sure this is not the best Skyline you have seen, its not a GT-R Godzilla, it is damaged elsewhere, it is blue and it has 8th Civic wheels at the rear, and some crap wheels at front but anyway that Skyline will be irreplaceable.

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